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Friday, May 1, 2009

Diving Fish Nemo RTR RC Toy Submarine Review | rc submarines shop

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Hi I’m Shane and I am an RCoholic. It seems I am passing my addiction on to my kids as well with this cute little RC Nemo fish. That’s right a remote controlled Nemo fish. This toy will make your kids scream like…well two year old girls. Trust me I know. If you want the skinny on RC Nemo read on.

Last week the guys over at Hobbytron sent me a big box of toys to check out including the Cessna 182 I reviewed, a sweet RC helicopter and a mystery toy as they called it. Turns out the mystery toy was this really cute little Nemo fish that is remote controlled.

Nemo RC Toy Face

If you have kids you have no doubt seen Nemo more times that should be allowed by law. While this little toy isn’t “officially” Nemo he is a clown fish that is very Nemoesque. Size wise the toy is small enough to be used inside some aquariums as well as small children’s swimming pools and the bathtub.

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